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In 2010, Jakub Stefek graduated with distinction from the Salesian Organ School in Szczecin. In 2015, he graduated (rating excelled) study of organ playing at the Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw in the organ class of Professor Andrzej Chorosiński. As a part of the european student exchange program, he also studied at the Kunstuniversitaet Graz (Austria) in Professor Gunther Rost's class. In 2021 he got a doctoral degree in Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław.

In 2011, he won the second prize at the 23rd Organ Music Competition in Rumia and was a semi-finalist at the 8th International Organ Music Competition in Gdansk. He has performed organ recitals in Poland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Sweden, including the Eimsbuettler Orgelsommer in Hamburg, the International Organ Forum in Warsaw and the Non Sola Scripta Festival in Wrocław. He took part in many master music courses, among others Naji Hakim, Bernahrd Gfrerer, Wolfgang  Zerer, Tomasz Adam Nowak, Marek Toporowski.

His special interest is the performing arts marketing. He has taken part in several artistic and economic conferences and cooperated with: Frederic Chopin University of Music, Polish Association of Choir and Orchestras, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, International Choir Song Festival in Miedzyzdroje and Univeristy of Economics in Katowice. He also was a speaker at TEDx Warsaw (biggest TEDx event in Central Europe) talking about being inspired by organ instrument.

Since 2017, Jakub Stefek is a lecturer at the Academy of Art in Szczecin, where he teaches organ and organ chamber music. Currently, he is also cooperating with Szczecin Philharmonic as a marketing specialist as well as with Jewish Community in Berlin as an organist of the Synagogue Pestalozzistrasse.



Jewish Organ Music: Synagogal music, composers and their instruments 1810 - 1938

  • the creative renewal of performance tradition subjected to complete disappearance

  • the first collection and systematisation of knowledge in this area in the Polish language

Main thesis: there is a set of characteristic elements of the work by Jewish organ music composers born in Central Europe in the 19th and the first half of the 20th century, rooted in the Central European cultural tradition, and influenced by the idea of ​​German Reform Judaism.

Main aim: restoration of Jewish organ music as a significant cultural heritage of Central Europe to the general public of scientists and artists.

Audience developement: Models of consumer behavior on the performing arts market

  • What are the determinants of consumers' behaviours on the performative arts market?

  • What are the characteristics of current consumers of performative arts? 

  • Is there a group of consumers who, despite having a set of characteristics belonging to current consumers, are not recipients of performing arts? 

  • What are the barriers for this group of consumers to enter the performative arts market?

The theoretical aim of the research is to build models of behaviour of current and potential consumers on the Polish performing arts market, with particular emphasis on their psychological, social and economic profile. 

The methodical objective is to solve conceptual and methodical dilemmas related to the process of building models of consumer behaviour on the performative arts market.

The application objective is to indicate the possibility of using models of consumer behaviour in the process of managing cultural institutions.

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